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par Paolo Fini
02 mars 2023, 01:48
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Re: création de scripts

About guiding status I get an error asking for 4 parameters while the function has only three example: CCD_guide=3 GET_GUIDE_STATUS_EX CCD_guide Guide_Status LastErrorMessage$ print "Guiding Status=" Guide_Status The error I get is: Error: This function GET_GUIDE_STATUS_EX must have 4 para...
par Paolo Fini
16 févr. 2023, 00:21
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DOME shutter closure command..available?

Hi all, we are enjoying script automation for all night photometric sessions.
About  cloud detection  we are planning to use the guiding status=0 on failures.
Any chance to send a shutter close command to the ascom dome before aborting the session?
Paolo & Guido
par Paolo Fini
20 oct. 2022, 18:55
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Sujet : V11 - Camera QHY 174MGPS - mise au point manuelle
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Re: V11 - Camera QHY 174MGPS - mise au point manuelle

Hi, I have the same setup and QHY174GPS+FW3 .. yes the solution is to use RS232 connection with ascom driver... all works fine. I HAVE A QUESTION: I have 2 cameras QHY174.. one for main capture and one for guiding... and when I lunch both of them they conflict eachother. basically geopardizing the e...