PRISM Drizzle stack crash V11.4.16.34

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PRISM Drizzle stack crash V11.4.16.34

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Good Afternoon,
Noticed when I recently upgraded PRISM V11 to a patch (V11.4.16.34) when I attempt to open the "drizzle stack" window the following is displayed "A component named LabelCoef1 already exits" attempted to restart error still occurs. I also can reproduce a bug when performing a "drizzle stack" where PRISM will throw an "prism exception" when processing a large number of files (We had over 300 files) , which occurs on both the 64 bit and 32 bit installed versions. To ensure it wasn't a system resource issue we attempted on a 32-core 64GB machine and the same error occurred.
Cyril Cavadore
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Re: PRISM Drizzle stack crash V11.4.16.34

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Yes this is a bug related to the translation. This has been fixed on the next release to come this week.
Cyril Cavadore, ALCOR-SYSTEM, Auteur de PRISM

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